Stuck in #Boston… This city is for the birds. Goodnight! #WheresRondo🍀 #saveme #fewmoredays #readytogorightnooooow ✈️#gimmethegreenlight 🚦#DCisCalling #bathroomselfies #waymorefun #hotelbathroomsgotthatlightingtho #myturnup #firstpicinweeks #ODonHashtags ✌️✌️

I really gotta start enjoying mornings more often! Today has been extremely eventful and it’s barely midday. Closed the NY leg of our tour yesterday and head to Boston tonight. Hotel comped breakfast for my roomie and I. Continental, but who’s complaining about free food??! Took one of everything to go! We had a 9am morning meeting (yawn) at the beautiful Relevant office near Soho. We decided to take the subway… But of course we are a little behind schedule. If you would’ve told me at 8:49 that we would be walking into the office at 9:01, I probably would’ve blankly stared at you. Subways are amazing. Dunno how we accidentally got on the wrong train which ended up being even better, but god bless you underground public transportation. After a wonderful meeting, my roomie and I split up. All I could think about was what any normal, 20 something girl thinks about when she’s blocks away from Soho; Giving Top Shop all of my money. My 67lbs roommate on the other hand wanted to walk around. She had enough of her barely touched breakfast and I was also over mine. I took on the duty of finding a suitable place to dump the remnants, but everyone who knows me, knows how much I hate wasting good food. Just as I think “I really wish I could find a homeless person to give this to…” I see an older woman digging through the garbage. I almost cried from seeing how bright her face got after opening the bag to two half full containers of fruit and pastries. She thanked me again and again, but it was I who wanted to thank her, because she freed my hand right before I walked into Top Shop! Winning! Top Shop did not disappoint. Ohhhh the pain of success. A lot of self motivation going on. Plenty of “I deserve this” mixed in with one or two “eff it, YOLO”. Reason 78 why I SHOULD NOT live in New York. After my TS rendezvous, I was ready to get the hell outta Soho! Took a Lyft back to midtown and while walking back to my hotel, an older Hispanic man was asking for change. I told him I was sorry, that I had none and he said “It’s ok Mami, God Bless you.” While walking away, all I could think about was how blessed I was. I turned around and gave him a spare banana that I had in my purse as well as 15 cents. He was so happy with the banana, he told me not to even bother with the change, but I dug it up anyway. So crazy how the most simple things that really don’t make a difference for me can but the biggest smile on another’s face. Great last day in good ol New York City! ❤️

#SteelPulse performing my fave Steel Pulse classic, “Your House”, written by my dad. They know I love this song and gave me an awesome shout out before it began, even though I couldn’t make it :’( Thanks for the footage mom ❤️ #YourHouse #Reggae #Music #TheCultureRoom

X coffee. Insert tea…. Or Johnnie Walker

In life we get friends and we get family. Blessed to say God gave me something extra. Two of a few of my heartstrings ❤️ #lovethem #LoyalToAFault #heartstrings #birthdaylove

Someone said its Thursday…. Where on Earth is the time going??? #tbt #sxm #stmaarten #beach ❤️

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🎶I am Alice, I’m in Wonderland. Where’s the rabbit? He is late again. Goodness gracious, I can’t wait for him. Who has got the time?? #SMP #mywork #photography #photographer #model #newcraft #newtings #wth #blacknwhite

My work…. #blacknwhite #SMP #photography #newtings

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